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• Best pricing for the most active traders
• Select your own pricing structure that best suits your interest and needs:

ECN style FX pricing
EURUSD as low as 0.2 pips with your choice of commission rates


All-inclusive FX spreads
No additional volume based commission

• Same depth of liquidity and execution quality that you deserve
• Fully transparent with Historic FX spreads for all currency pairs

ECN style volume-based commission pricing

Live indicative prices

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(USD per USD million)
60 30 20
Minimum commission
Zero USD 600 USD 2,000
Suggested FX Spot Volume (monthly)1) USD 0-20mln USD 20-100mln​​ above USD 100mln

1) Cumulative USD equivalent volume across all currency pairs on a monthly basis

• Same spreads on ALL commission levels – EURUSD as low as 0.2
• Select USD 60, 30 or 20 per USD million traded
• Your commission rate applies to ALL pairs, including metals
• Choose the commission rate level and minimum monthly
commission fee that is most appropriate for you

All-inclusive spreads

Live indicative prices

See all live and historic FX all-inclusive spreads

• More consistency in spread width
• Less variability in spread across notional trade sizes
• No minimum monthly commission fee
• Call us if your high volume trading activity needs customized liquidity
or tailored pricing conditions

Margin / Leverage

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A minimum fee of USD10, or its equivalent in foreign currency, will be charged to clients trading below the minimum threshold for the FX instrument pair.

The minimum fee and margin rates referred to above may vary from time to time especially for very active or inactive customers. Saxo Capital Markets reserves the right to amend the minimum threshold, brokerage fees, margin rates and interest rates referred to according to the terms of the trading agreement entered into between Saxo Capital Markets and the Client.

​​Tom/Next Rollover

Tom/Next credit or debit

Rolling over a position to a new Value Date results in an adjustment to the opening price (up or down). The rollover debit or credit is the sum of "Swap Points" interest on any unrealised profits or losses.

Swap Points

The Swap Points used are based on a Tom/Next swap feed from a Tier-1 bank with a mark-up corresponding to +/- 0.45% of daily market overnight interest rates, plus the interest component described under 'Interest on unrealised Profit and Loss' below.

The accumulated swap points and interest component are added or deducted to the previous opening price of the position.

To provide full transparency to clients Saxo Bank publishes once a day the swap points used for the tom/next rollover. See 'Historic Swap points' below.

Interest on unrealised Profit and Loss

Any unrealised profits or losses on the Forex spot position being rolled from one day to the next are subject to an interest credit or debit. These are added to the swap points to calculate the rollover credit or debit.

The unrealised profits or losses are calculated as the difference between the original traded rate (possibly adjusted for previous Tom/Next rollovers) and the end of day rate of the traded currency cross at 17:00 Eastern Standard Time (New York time).

For currencies subject to special market conditions the rate of the traded currency cross at 08:15 CET will be applied

Historic Swap Points