​Exchange name​SymbolCommission​Min. CommissionMin. Order value​
North America & Canada
US NASDAQNASDAQ & NSC​​0.01 USD/share​9.90 USD​50 USD​
US New York Stock Exchange​NYSE & ARCA​0.01 USD/share​​9.90 USD​50 USD​
US NYSE MKT​​AMEX​0.01 USD/share​9.90 USD​50 USD​
US OTC Bulletin Board/Pink Sheets* OOTC & OTCBB​0.15% ​25 USD​50 USD​
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange​**​TSE​0.03 CAD/share​25 CAD​100 CAD
Canada ​TSX Venture Exchange**​TSX​0.02 CAD/share​25 CAD​100 CAD
Europe / Middle East / Africa
Spain ​BME Spanish Exchanges​SIBE​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​100 EUR​
Germany Deutsche Börse (XETRA)​​FSE​​0.10%​​12 EUR100 EUR​
Ireland ​Irish Stock Exchange​​ISE​​​​​​​​​0.10%​​​​12 EUR100 EUR
UK ​London Stock Exchange (IOB)​LSE_INTL​​0.10%​​20​ USD​​100 USD​
UK London Stock Exchange​​​LSE_SETS​​​0.10%​​8​ GBP​100 GBP​​
Italy ​Milan Stock Exchange​MIL​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​​​100 EUR​​
Denmark NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen​CSE​​​0.10%​​29​ DKK​​1,000 DKK​​​
Finland ​NASDAQ OMX Helsinki​HSE​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​​​100 EUR​​
Sweden ​NASDAQ OMX Stockholm​​SSE​​​0.10%​​65​ SEK​1,000 SEK​​​​
Netherlands ​NYSE Euronext Amsterdam​AMS​​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​​​100 EUR​​
Belgium ​NYSE Euronext Brussels​​BRU​​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​100 EUR​​​​​
Portugal ​NYSE Euronext Lisbon​LISB​​​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​​​100 EUR​​
France ​NYSE Euronext Paris​​PAR​​​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​100 EUR​​​​​
Norway ​Oslo Stock Exchange​OSE​​​​​​0.10%​​65​ NOK​1,000 NOK​
Czech Republic ​Prague Stock Exchange​​PRA​​​​​​​0.28%​​​500 CZK​​2,500 CZK​
Switzerland ​SIX Swiss Exchange​SWX​​​​​​​​0.10%​​18​ CHF150 CHF
Switzerland ​SIX Swiss Exchange (Blue-Chip)​​VX​​​​​​​​0.10%​​​18​ CHF​150 CHF​​​​​​
Austria Vienna Stock Exchange​VIE​​​​​​​​​0.10%​​12​ EUR​100 EUR​​
Poland ​Warsaw Stock Exchange​​WSE​​​​​​​​​0.30%​​​​75​ PLN​300 PLN​​​​​​​
South Africa​ ​Johannesburg Stock Exchange​​JSE​​​​​​​​​​0.25%​​​100 ZAR750 ZAR​
Asia / Pacific
Australia Australian Securities Exchange​​​ASX​​0.10%​​9.90 AUD​150 AUD​​
Hongkong ​Hong Kong Exchanges​HKEX​​​0.15%​​​150 HKD​1,000 HKD​
Singapore Singapore Exchange​​SGX-ST​​​0.15%​25 SGD​150 SGD​
Japan ​Tokyo Stock Exchange​​TYO​​​0.15%​​​1,500 JPY​​1,000 JPY​​

*   OTC Bulletin Board/Pink Sheet: Commision is capped at USD 25/trade for trade amounts above USD 50,000.
**  Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange: Commision is capped at CAD 25/trade for Shares traded below 1 CAD.

Advanced Equity Research and Stock Screener

Access to the advanced Equity Research and the Stock Screener tools require subscription.

There are no activation or setup costs, and you may cancel the subscription at any time with no additional charges.

Private Client​

​Institutional Clients

Equity Research & Stock Screener​ FREE ​EUR 200.00/Month


The definition of an "Institutional" client is:

 "A holder of a license to act as a financial institution, hereunder but not limited to: investment firms, credit institutions, insurance companies, investment management companies and pension funds and their management companies or a representative of a financial institution."

This definition only applies to Equity Research/Stock Screener subscription.

Exchange Data fees

All equities trade on actual market data from the stock exchanges. To receive and trade on real-time market data, you will have to subscribe to the individual exchange.

A subscription to live price data from an exchange gives you access to live prices on Stocks, Single Stock CFDs, ETFs/ETCs and CFDs on ETFs/ETCs from the particular exchange.

Read more about subscribing to live exchange data.

Exit fee

For transfers of Stocks to your account outside Saxo Capital Markets, an exit fee will be charged. The fees are as follows:

  • $50 AUD per ISIN (Max. $200 AUD) for all stocks.  

Updated 1 October, 2015