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Broad market coverage

Our range comprises more than 9,000 CFDs including Single Stocks, Stock Indices and Commodities – allowing you to apply your insight to the most relevant global assets and markets.

Tight spreads, low commission

Buy or sell with some of the tightest spreads available, and enjoy low commission on Single Stocks and zero commission on Stock Indices.


Get the same market exposure as traditional stock trading but on less capital. Trade with up to 50:1 leverage (up to 100:1 on selected Index Trackers intraday) and maximise your trading flexibility and opportunities.

Rates & conditions Standard Active*
CFD SINGLE STOCK - Commission from
Australian Stock Exchange 0.10% (min 8 AUD) 0.05% (min 5 AUD)
NASDAQ & NYSE 0.01 USD/share (min 9.9 USD) 0.007 USD/share (min 7 USD)
London Stock Exchanges 0.10% (min 8 GBP) 0.05% (min 8 GBP)
CFD INDEX TRACKER - Minimum spreads
Australia 200 1.5 From 1.4
US SPX500 0.9 From 0.4
Japan 225 12 From 8
See all rates See all rates

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Saxo Features

NEW! Fixed spreads on Index Trackers

Saxo clients will experience consistently low spreads when trading CFD Index Trackers during the main trading hours. For the most popular Index Trackers, the Bid/Ask spread will be equal to the minimum target spread in approx. 99% of the quote updates during the opening hours of the underlying cash market.*

NEW! Intraday Margin on Index Trackers

Saxo has introduced Intraday Margin on our most popular Index-tracking CFDs, lowering the margin requirements by 50%. That means you will have twice the trading capacity when trading CFD indices such as the UK 100, Germany 30 or US 500 during the index’s intraday session.

NEW! Direct Market Access

Access to Single Stock CFDs with Saxo is very transparent and benefits from significant underlying liquidity, given that the hedging is always executed on a pure Direct Market Access (DMA) basis, where all orders are routed to regulated markets and other liquidity venues via smart order routing.

Smart Order Routing

We execute Equity and CFD orders via SORs (Smart Order Routers), which are sophisticated algorithms placing orders across multiple venues in order to achieve the best result. To minimise market impact and improve quality of execution, SORs execute across regulated markets (Exchanges), MTFs and other liquidity venues.

Algorithmic Orders

Algorithmic Orders are especially useful for larger or more advanced single stock CFD orders. They used algorithmic equations to independently execute order transactions most efficiently, according to the client’s chosen strategy. They can also break down an order into smaller parts to avoid showing the full size of the order.

*Please note that Fixed spreads only apply under normal market conditions and up to a certain trade size. Click here for more information.


​​​​​A range of CFD types to complement your strategy


CFD Single Stocks

Trade APPLE, GOOGLE and 8,840 other single stocks on the world’s leading markets. With Single Stock CFDs, it’s possible to go short in a falling market, and since CFDs are traded on margin, you’re able to profit from even small market movements. The low margin requirements allow you to leverage up to 10X (on as little as 10% margin requirement).


Stock Indices

With Index-tracking CFDs, you can trade 28 stock indices like Germany 30, US500 and UK100 on real-time prices in one go. This gives you more cost-efficient market exposure than trading individual shares. Get up to 50X leverage (on as little as 2% margin requirement), very competitive Bid/Ask spreads and no additional commissions. 




It’s just as simple to trade commodities as any other CFD. Select from the most liquid commodity markets within energy, agriculture, metals, softs and emissions and get direct exposure to the underlying commodity with all the CFD benefits. No commission or trading fees, either. And with Saxo, you’re not constrained by pre-defined lot sizes. Want to trade 25 barrels of oil instead of the Futures minimum trade size of 500 barrels? No problem.


Forex, Bonds and ETFs

You can also trade FX and Bonds as CFDs: all costs are built into the spread, there are no commissions, as little as 2% margin requirement and a minimum trade size of 5,000 notional value for FX. Or trade 675 ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) as CFDs to trade on margin and gain the ability to short sell it if you believe that price will fall.

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