• Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)
    to manage FX exposures

    Trading non-convertible
    currency markets just got easier
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An NDF may be suitable if you have a good understanding of Foreign Exchange markets and have a genuine commercial need to manage currency risk associated with a particular currency pair. It should not be used for trading or speculative purposes. This product is available for wholesale clients only. 

Access to Emerging Markets

Addressing the evolving demand of FX traders, we offer NDFs for 10 Asian and Latin American currencies that face restrictive capital controls and that are not accessible in the spot market from offshore investors. A unique offering traded on an RFQ basis.

Flexible trade size

With a minimum of USD 500,000 and a maximum Net Open Position per currency capped at notional USD 5 - 50m, trading NDFs on emerging market currencies is no longer just a bank service for institutional investors.

Risk managed exposures

An initial 8% margin requirement for all currency pairs is stipulated to caution clients from short term volatility, plus research and views direct from our Sales Traders and more sources around the globe to keep you on top of your trades.

Traded Offline, through the same
multi-asset account

NDFs are traded Offline on an RFQ basis. Clients with a dedicated Private Account Manager or Sales Trader may access this offering.

Through our competitive pricing, clients now have the opportunity to get exposure in the different currencies where NDFs are traded.

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Saxo offers NDFs for the following currencies

Chinese Renminbi
(Onshore Yuan)
Indonesian Rupiah
Indian Rupee
South Korean Won
Philippines Peso
Taiwan Dollar

Brazilian Real
Chilean Peso
Colombian Peso
Peruvian Nuevo Sol

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